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Project Assistant of Strategic Development Division

Shau-Ling Liao Name Ms. Shau-Ling Liao(廖紹伶小姐)
Phone 08-7703202
Ext 6285
email slliao@mail.npust.edu.tw
Responsible for
1. Business of Taiwan Education center in Thailand
2. Management of documents of meetings and reports
3. Database of meetings


Project Assistant of Cooperation Division

Phone 08-7703202
Ext 6219
Responsible for
1. Arrangement of guests’ visits
2. Application of exchange program for short term from Sister Universities and assistance of materials
3. Contact with UNTA database of evaluation
4. Agreements between NPUST and Sister Universities
5. Database of exchange students
6. Internship with Government of Miyazaki Prefecture
7. Invitation of guests for graduation ceremony and anniversary celebrations of a school
8. Arrangement of official business
9. Application of exchange teachers (arrival)


Project Assistant of Cooperation Division

Ms. Ro-Ting Yu (Ann) Name Ms. Ann Ro-Tin Yu (余若婷小姐)
Phone 08-7703202
Ext 6307
email annyu@mail.npust.edu.tw
Responsible for
1. Application of exchange program
2. Agreements of MOU
3. Cooperation of southern colleges and universities
4. International cooperation and relevant programs of Ministry of Education
5. Promotion of International team
6. Project of Teaching Excellence of Ministry of Education


Administrative Assistant of Education Division

Mr. Eric Huang Name Mr. Eric Huang(黃進德先生)
Phone 08-7703202
Ext 6216
email eric1967@mail.npust.edu.tw
Responsible for
1. Application of overseas students
2. Scholarship for overseas students
3. Recruitment of overseas students for Spring and Fall classes
4. Management of official email account of OIA
5. Project of Elite
6. Assistance of overseas students’ living


Project Assistant of Education Division

Mr. Ming Chin Ku (Eason) Name Mr. Eason Min-Chin Ku (古明瑾先生)
Phone 08-7703202
Ext 6300
email ku0956@mail.npust.edu.tw
Responsible for
1. Business of overseas youth vocational training school
2. Health care and other business of overseas Chinese students and students from Hong Kong and Macau
3. Contact with Malaysia alumni association
4. Recruitment of overseas students
5. Assistance of business of International class of New Southbound Project
6. Assistance of reception of Malaysian guests
7. Assistance of business of New Southbound Project with NCKU


Mr. Chun-Yi Lee, Fred Name Chun-Yi Lee (李俊逸 組長)
Phone 08-7703202
Ext 6673
email cyl@g4e.npust.edu.tw
Responsible for
Management of Education section


Dr. Ru-Chu Shih Name Dr. Ru-Chu Shih
Phone 08-7740561
Ext 6215
email vincent@mail.npust.edu.tw
Responsible for
Overall planning, coordinating and management of the Office of the International Affairs