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Medical & Health Care

 Medical and healthcare centre – Students could get a health care service like body weighting, height and blood pressure measuring and wound wrapping in Health Promotion Centre. The service is available from 8am to 5pm daily, 5.30pm to 9.30pm in night time.

      Location :      

Students with illness, please proceed to outside of University for more medical and health service. 

2016 University Contracted Clinic and
Hospital List

Hospital and Clinic

Contact Number


PingTung Christian Hospital

 (08) 7368686

No. 60, Dalian Rd, Pingtung City

PaoChien Hospital


N0.123, Chung Shan Rd., PingTung City

Kaohsiung Veterans Gegeral Hospital, Pingtung Branch


No.1. Anping Lane 1. Jausheng Rd., Neipu Township

Golden Hospital


No.12-2, Minsheng East Road, PingTung City

PingAn Hospital


No.908, Pingtung County, Changzhi Township, Xinyi Rd

Li San Hung Otolaryngology Clinic


No. 77, Guangdong Rd, Pingtung City

TaTung Otolaryngology Clinic


No. 691, Xueren Rd, Pingtung County

Heng Mei Dermatologic and Aesthetic Clinic


No. 218, Demei Rd, Neipu Township

Jin Hongming Chinese Medicine Clinic


No. 61-13, Zhongshan Rd, Pingtung City

Qing'an Chinese Medicine Clinic


No. 420-6, Ziyou Rd, Pingtung City

FuAnn Women’s Clinic


No. 115, Fujian Rd, Pingtung City

Zheng Yingjie Obstetrics and Gynecology Clinic


No. 574, Guangdong Rd, Pingtung City

Zhongshan Clinic


No. 36, Zhonglin Rd, Neipu Township

Zhang Wenyi Clinic


No. 709, Xueren Rd, Neipu Township

Xiaowen Xi Clinic


No. 149, Guangji Rd, Neipu Township

CaoRen Clinic


No. 221, Shoubi Rd, Neipu Township

KangHe Clinic


No. 12-1, Lane 1, Xiangyang Rd, Changzhi Township

HeNan Clinic


No. 95 Zhongzheng Road, Pingtung City

JianFang Dentist


No. 135, Guangji Rd, Neipu Township

JianNan Dentist


No. 199, Guangji Rd, Neipu Township

PingZheng Dentist


No. 24, Linsen Rd, Pingtung City

ShangShang Dental Clinic


No. 36-3, Minxue Rd, Pingtung City

JinShan Dentist


No. 250, Zili Rd, Pingtung City

MingCheng Dentist


No. 43, Hangzhou St, Pingtung City


 Getting Around – Shuttle bus service No.510 and No.510 A is available to get students around inside of campus.  Office of Student Affair has provided free Bicycle Service for only Year 1 students who is living in the dorm. Students who wish to apply for free bicycle service must have to pay for NTD$350 deposit, deposit will return to students when returning the bicycle. For more information, please proceed to the Office of Student Affairs, location is on the 1st floor of    General Building.


 Student Card – The student cards of international students are applied by International Affairs. The student ID number is shown on the student card. Student may hold a student cards to use resources provided by University, or getting around outside or inside of campus. For example, library service, sport equipment borrow, shuttle bus service, and goods purchase.


 Sport Facilities – Students are required not only to acquire excellent professional knowledge, also need to maintain physical fitness. Campus includes an international standardized running track, soccer field, baseball and softball court, 6 basketball courts, 6 volleyball courts, 2 sand volleyball courts, a grand gymnasium, and international standardized swimming pool.


 Safety – 1. On-campus Military Officer (24HR) : 08-7740119, 0921-547- 119

                      2. Police Station : 110

                      3. Fire Department : 119