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Admission Introduction


In the past 5 years, NPUST’s academic research achievements comprise targeting for one of the top 15 universities on the cumulative points of weighted impact factor based on WOS journals, in the fields of agriculture sciences as well as ecology and environment sciences. NPUST is also on the list of top 15 universities in the total number of publications and citation frequencies in the fields of agriculture sciences, [;ant and animal sciences, immunology and microbiology, ecology and environment sciences, and earth sciences. Furthermore, NPUST has successively been granted with funding for the promotion of Teaching Excellence by the Ministry of Education for years. NPUST is devoted to improving teaching quality, participating in research competitions, and helping students achieve excellence. Known for its tropical agriculture, NPUST has received distinction in teaching, research, and building human capacity. Based on its strength in tropical agriculture and to make greater contribution to the society, the university promoted “product oriented research” (POR). NPUST has established links with more than 154 world-renowned universities through various academic exchanges, distance education, faculty and student exchanges, resources sharing, and joint research. There are about 640 international students currently enrolled at NPUST. NPUST projects to position itself as one of the world’s leading academic institutions.

Academic Programs & Language of Instruction

College of Agriculture

Graduate Institute of Bioresources/PhD.

Department of Plant Industry/ Bachelor; Master; PhD.

Department of Food Science/ Bachelor; Master; PhD.

Department of Forestry/ Bachelor; Master

Department of Aquaculture/ Bachelor; Master; PhD. 

Department of Animal Science/ Bachelor; Master

Department of Plant Medicine/Bachelor; Master

Department of Wood Science and Design/Bachelor; Master

Department of Biological Science and Technology/Bachelor; Master


College of Veterinary Medicine

Department of Veterinary Medicine/ Bachelor; Master; PhD

Graduate Institute of Animal Vaccine Technology

Graduate Institute of Wildlife Conservation/Master


College of Engineering

Department of Environmental Science and Engiineering/Bachelor; Master; PhD.

Department of Mechanical Engineering/Bachelor; Master

Department of Civil Engineering/Bachelor; Master; PhD.

Department of Soil and Water Conservation/ Bachelor; Master

Department of Vehicle Engineering/Bachelor; Master

Department of Biomechatronics Engineering/Bachelor; Master

Graduate Institute of Materials Engineering/Master

Bachelor Program in Environmental Resources and Disaster


College of Management

Graduate Institute of Landscape Architecture and Recreation Management/Master

Graduate Institute of Management of Innovation and Technology/Master

Department of Agribusiness Management/Bachelor; Master

Department of Management Information Systems/Bachelor; Master

Department of Industrial Management/Bachelor; Master

Department of Business Administration/Bachelor; Master

Department of Fashion Design and Management/Bachelor; Master

Department of Hotel and Restaurant Management/Bachelor; Master

International Bachelor’s Degree Program in Finance

College of Humanities and Social Sciences

Graduate Institute of Technological and Vocational Education/Master

Graduate Institute of Hakka Cultural Industry/Master

Department of Social Work/Bachelor; Master

Department of Modern Languages/Bachelor; Master

Department of Recreational Sport and Health Promotion/Bachelor; Master

Department of Child Care/Bachelor; Master 


International College

Department of Tropical Agriculture and International Cooperation/Bachelor; Master; PhD. 

International Master Program in Food Science

International Master Program in Soil and Water Engineering

International Master Program in Agribusiness Management

International Program in Ornamental Fish Science and Technology/ Master; PhD.

International Program in Animal Vccine Technology/ Master; PhD.

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