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Public Sponsored Agriculture Program Broadens Opportunity for Young Farmers

As a university which was established on agriculture, NPUST has been very fertile soil when it comes to the cultivation of agriculture technology professionals. And now, a new program oriented towards those who are farmers by trade, looks to put new tools in the hands of its students.


In September of 2017, the university established the state sponsored professional “Technological Agriculture Bachelor’s Program”, which focuses on the recruitment of generational agriculturalists and uses occupational farming as the foundation for teaching. The courses emphasize the practical capabilities, starting from the basics, with the goal of equipping students with skills which they will be able to use to find solutions to difficult problems.


This semester marks the beginning of the second session of the program and the number of students who have registered has increased dramatically since the initial offering. To get the new students into the groove, on September 5th 2018, Dr. Chun-Nan Lin, who is both an assistant professor at the Department of Agribusiness Management and Chief of the Education Division at the Office of Continuing Education and Extension, led them on a field trip to the Jiadong Township Aquaculture Production and Marketing Class and Tama Shokunin Green House for an experiential activity. The students got deeply involved in the activity and had a great time.


The NPUST’s publicly sponsored Technological Agriculture Bachelor’s Program not only gives students an understanding of the industry, but also emphasizes the promotion and practice of production, operations and marketing so that students can apply the theoretic concepts they learn to the real world and take methods of integration, logic and comprehensive thinking with them as they approach their future businesses enterprises. The goal is also to helps them to understand that agriculture is an industry worth investing in.


The new program’s director, Dr. Ke-Chung Peng, who is also director of the of the Department of Agribusiness Management and the Office of Continuing Education and Extension, expressed that the that the Technological Agriculture program is working with many interdisciplinary (livestock, aquaculture, plant industry, biotech, etc.) professionals from industry and academia in Taiwan to give students an opportunity to learn and get a real understanding of the work needs to be done to get from zero to 1.


Division Chief Chun-Nan Lin encouraged the students by saying that “the main point is knowing how to survive in the industry. As long as your target is wide enough and deep enough, developing opportunity in agriculture, forestry, aquaculture or livestock rearing is not a problem. The wider your scope of learning the wider your road will be for opportunity. If you’re a second generation farmer who finds interest in aquaculture, there is nothing wrong with having two types of professional skills. That’s why the program requires students to get some experience in each of the possible areas of development.” Arranging for students to take part in cross-domain learning is done with the hope that they will become open minded towards exploring other fields. Students need to explore a variety of opportunities throughout the semester, though course work, activities and internships to expand their fields of vision.


A student from the second offering of the program, Tong-Xun Li, said that he “already has been working in agriculture for more than three years. Finances and resources are the greatest bottleneck for young farmers, but fortunately, by taking part in this program I have more comprehensive information which can help me seek resources more effectively, helping to resolve problems and uncertainties related to the industry and reducing pressure.”





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