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2020 “Hunt Taiwan” is Officially Underway

With considerable difficulties stemming from the global Covid-19 outbreak, NPUST’s Office of International Affairs has been encouraging the university’s 600+ overseas students to stay in Taiwan over the summer break and enjoy time their time spent on the island. To give the students an eventful and memorable summer, a series of activities have been planned to take place over the next few months. The event, dubbed “Hunt Taiwan”, runs from today (Jul. 10) until August 27, and is broken into 8 major themes including the Sports Competition, Hakka Culture, River Tracing, Eco-Tourism, Creative Placemaking, Mountain Climbing, Minnan & Hakka Culture, and Standup Paddleboarding. 
At 9:00 this morning (7/10) in the university gymnasium, "Hunt Taiwan” was officially launched with series lively sporting events that helped everyone get excited for summer holidays. OIA Dean, Pomin Li, commented on the activities, explaining that they “create an opportunity for international students to interact with local students while also coordinating with the government’s epidemic prevention recommendations. Through the activities, international students will get a chance to become more familiar with Taiwan’s culture and scenery and will hopefully have an enjoyable and memorable summer.”
Today’s sporting events included badminton, dodge ball and a relay race, with students from Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, Nepal, Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan out in full swing. The badminton competition consisted of men’s doubles, women’s doubles and mixed doubles, with a total of 24 teams signing up.  The “men’s doubles” turned out to be a very heated event— and with many of the teams composed of mixed nationalities, the students had a great opportunity for quality international “bonding”. As expected, the dodge ball activity was also full of excitement. Among the teams, perhaps the most notable was the “Veterinarian Troop”, with 10 Malaysian and Taiwanese students from the Department of Veterinary Medicine exhibiting a strong spirit of international cooperation. The relay race, which was the final event, put four 10-member teams head-to-head in a relay sprint of 200 meters per leg. All the participants had an excitement-filled day with lots of laughter, cheering, and friendly interactions – making it out to be an excellent start to the 2020 Hunt Taiwan enterprise!
With Hunt Taiwan now officially underway, every week throughout the summer, different activities will be held to let students to experience different aspects of Taiwan’s culture, cuisine and scenery. Students will have the chance to visit Lukang Village to get acquainted with Hakka Culture, explore extreme terrain in the river tracing adventure, appreciate biodiversity through eco-tourism, witness the fascinating transformation of traditional industry in Taiwan via creative placemaking, and much more!
As soon as the activity was announced, registration started filling up with students coming from Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, India, Nepal, Indonesia, Mongolia, England, Myanmar, Pakistan, Palau, Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan already on the rosters. Hopes are that through Hunt Taiwan, these students from different nationalities will be able to bond with one another as they experience Taiwan in a new way and make this summer into one that they will never forget.
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