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2020 Hunt Taiwan Activity 2 – The Hakka Experience

For the second installment of the Hunt Taiwan summer series, 40 of NPUST’s international students ventured north to visit the Hakka Village in Miaoli, the old market street of Lukang, and the “Experience Hakka” village in Dongshi, Taichung.

The tours were arranged to give international students a taste of Taiwan’s diverse cultural beauty—and each of the three locations offered a new flavor for the them to experience. As these summer-time tourists took in the sights and learned about the special features of Hakka culture, they were able to sample traditional Hakka Lei Cha (tea) and learn how to make DIY hand-made mocha.

With the opening event organized on university grounds a week prior, the Hakka cultural tour was the first off-campus excursion in the Hunt Taiwan series. The activity afforded students from around the world a great opportunity to learn about Hakka architecture, cuisine and cultural characteristics, and it was also a great chance for them to interact with one another and make fond memories during their summer break spent in Taiwan.
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