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2020 Hunt Taiwan Activity 3 – The Eco-Tour

NPUST students from Vietnam, Indonesia, India, Malaysia, Pakistan and Guatemala boarded a bus on July 24th for the third round in the Hunt Taiwan series—destination: Kenting!

Travelling south, the students took in the beautiful ocean-side landscape of the Pingtung Peninsula as they made their way to the Kenting National Forest Recreation Area, the first destination of the day. From the front entrance on the Kenting main-drag, the road leading up to the recreation area was lined with all kinds of beautiful flowers, plants and trees – inspiring the curiosity of the students and building their excitement to get off the bus and start exploring this national treasure.

The group of 41 students ventured through stalagmite caves, and witnessed the otherworldly formations created by the slow and steady dripping and drying of minerals over time—out in the open, they made their way through the botanical gardens filled with enchanting tropical vegetation.

Shifting gears and transitioning ecosystems, the group re-boarded the bus and headed to the next stop— the National Museum of Marine Biology & Aquarium. As they approached, the whole lot, like excited children perched on tippy-toes, looked ahead with wide-eyes at the wading fountains adorned with life-sized statues of whales leaping from the waters. The students watched fish dance, seal being fed, and got up-close-and-personal with the sea creatures in the “touch pools”. With VR tours, games and activities all on the agenda, there was much to see and much to do—making for an incredible afternoon.

From the forest to the sea, the eco-tourism activity gave students a splendid look into the majestic biodiversity and unique landscape of southern Taiwan, while also creating an opportunity to bond with one another and take a little break from their regular routines during the summer spent on campus.
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