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Taiwan’s Star of Sustainability: NPUST Climbs in GreenMetric Ranking

NPUST’s has distinguished itself once again on the GreenMetric University Ranking, achieving a new personal best in 2020.

Every year since 2014 NPUST has been named the “greenest” university in the Taiwan. This year, that title remained— while in broader fields of competition, she is making new headway.

With 132 new participants, a total of 912 universities from 84 countries around the world signed up for the in 2020 assessment. Among very strong competition, NPUST came in at 4th in all of Asia and 31st world-wide (beating its previous best of 32nd in 2014)

From the installation of energy saving infrastructure, to the use of upcycling to add new value to waste products, NPUST is always looking for new ways to make its campus more sustainable. The school has even developed a comprehensive water-saving system that treats and recycles water to irrigate the campus grounds and keep its plant-life green and healthy. The transportation policy at the school is also up-to-speed, with electric busses providing students with convenient commutes, save the carbon.

Finally, when it comes to environmental education, NPUST has been working to maintain a spirit of sustainable environmental development. Through curriculum arrangements, campus activities and network promotion, the university is invested in developing skills and technology related to green energy, environmental protection, and sustainable practices.

The Director of General Affairs at NPUST, Chin-Lung Chang, commented on the pleasing results, stating that “because our university occupies such a vast campus, we have a greater demand for power; in order to reduce electricity consumption and lower carbon emissions, this year we installed LED lights for all the campus streetlights and classroom lighting, we have also been gradually replacing all the air conditioners with energy saving inverter type units. This year NPUST also won the University Social Responsibility prize at the 2020 Taiwan Corporate Sustainability Awards – and is employing the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals to promote campus sustainability and university social responsibility”.

The GreenMetric University Ranking was created in 2010 by the University of Indonesia (UI) based on six indicators (infrastructure, energy, waste treatment, water resources, transportation and education). For the past decade, universities around the world have been responding to UI’s call and working to make campuses greener and more sustainable. In Taiwan, NPUST’s work in this area has been exemplary and this year’s results are evidence of its commitment.


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