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Congratulations: NPUST Sustainability Report Wins “Platinum Award” at Taiwan Corporate Sustainability Awards

This August (‘21), NPUST published a Sustainability Report (2020) for the first time—and with its first publication, it was honored to receive the “Platinum Award” in the University category at the Taiwan Corporate Sustainability Awards. The report includes performances in "School Governance", "Financial Management", "Environmental Sustainability" and "Social Inclusion" from 2017~2019.
In 2020 the “NPUST Sustainable Development Office” was established at the university in order to strengthen inter-agency and cross-discipline “Sustainability” and “University Social Responsibility”. The office is also tasked with implementing resource coordination, strengthening sustainable development action, and improving sustainable campus culture and sustainable development practices.
The “2020 Sustainability Report” allows the main stakeholders of the school’s operations (students, faculty and staff, parents, communities and the public, government and non-governmental organizations, suppliers, alumni, and vocational high schools) to understand the school’s vision and development strategies for "sustainability" and "social responsibility". Also, by responding to the sustainability issues which are of interest to stakeholders, the office will be maximize its momentum. It also aims to use its soft power to enact University Social Responsibility, underpin sustainable development in education, form social influence, and create a vision of social inclusiveness.
NPUST 2020 Sustainability Report: https://sustainability.npust.edu.tw/
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