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“Check the Czech!” Lecture on Czech Culture & 2021 Taiwan-Czech Online Science and Research Workshop

The Czech Economic and Cultural Office and the Pingtung County Government jointly organized the “Czech in Pingtung” activity for December 1st~5th to introduce Taiwanese people to Czech culture and develop cooperation. Representative Patrick Rumlar and other members of the Czech Economic and Cultural Office in Taipei traveled to Pingtung to visit the area and have an exchange with local universities. 
On December 2nd, the “Check the Czech!” lecture on Czech culture was held at the International Conference Hall in the NPUST Library, followed by a time of exchange. On the same day, the "2021 Taiwan-Czech Online Science and Research Workshop" was put on at the Creative Thinking Center.
NPUST was honored to invite Representative Patrick Rumlar and Deputy-Representative Dita Táborská of the Czech Economic and Cultural Office in Taipei to give a talk at the school. Ms. Dita Táborská provided the keynote speech in which she covered history, geography and language as she introduced students to the incredible heritage of her ancient Central-European country. The lecture saw an enthusiastic response among the attendees. As they learned about the Czech nation, the students' global perspectives were expanded and they were inspired to study abroad or take part in bilateral academic exchanges.
During the workshop, representatives from universities in Czech and Pingtung were invited to take part in discussions on the feasibility of future bilateral cooperation plans. The Online Science and Research Workshop also held promise for future exchange, with professors from the two countries being encouraged to actively submit proposals for cooperation. As a result of the activities the two parties expect to see the development of new forms of cooperation in the future.


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