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2022 Spring Festival Paper Cutting Activity held for International Students

On January 19, the Office of International Affairs (OIA) held the “2022 Spring Festival DIY Paper Cutting Activity” for international students studying at the university. Kaidi Liu, a retired art teacher, was brought in to demonstrate paper cutting techniques and provide instruction. As the students learned how to make window artwork, they were introduced to Lunar New Year customs and enjoyed a memorable time with one another.
NPUST President Chang-Hsien Tai delivered a short speech at the event, pointing out that “the lunar new year is an important time of celebration for Chinese people. It is also a time when everyone gets together and celebrates the new year. Because of the epidemic, students cannot return home easily and may experience feelings of homesickness. Therefore, colleagues from the International Affairs Office and the school have taken it upon themselves to offer extra care to the students. I will also share a red envelope with everyone for good luck as we celebrate the coming of the Lunar New Year and look forward to a happy year ahead. "
The group of students participating in the paper cutting activity, was quite diverse. Pomin Li, dean of the Office of International Affairs, and Hsi-Hung Chen, Chief of the Education Division, participated in the activity together with other OIA staff members and students from such places as India, Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, Haiti and Belgium. Together they enjoyed the experience of paper cutting and the rich Lunar New Year atmosphere. During the activity, Chun-Yi Lee from the Language Center provided much appreciated assistance with the paper-cut instructions which helped the activity to run very smoothly. The highlight of the event came when President Chang-Hsien Tai personally gave each students a red envelope and wished them joy in the year to come.
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