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This academic year marks the 94th year since the founding of National Pingtung University of Science and Technology. For many years now, the university has been carrying on a tradition of holding an annual Sports Day Celebration, each spring, to celebrate the university’s health and vitality –and to help foster team spirit and a rich sense of togetherness among the members of the school.

On January 28th, a New Year Luncheon was held in Pingtung City at the Tao Shan Banquet Hall for 90 of NPUST’s international students who will be spending their winter break on-campus.

On March 16th, the Fourteenth Industrial Robot Competition was jointly hosted by National Pingtung University of Science and Technology, National Kaohsiung University of Science and Technology and the Taiwan Industrial Robot Association at the NKUST Student Activity Center. The competition brought together 210 robot enthusiasts ranging from elementary school all the way up through university.

Since the time their sister-school relationship was formalized, NPUST and Rakuno Gakuen University have maintained an active and intimate relationship. The two universities are united by many common characteristics of development and enjoy learning from one another. For three professors from the two universities, Prof. Masami Kaneko, Prof. Buho Hoshino and Assoc. Prof. Dr. Chien-Chang Chen, forestry research has been the basis for a very close partnership – and a joint research lab has even been set up for them on the RGU campus to conduct their work.

Thanks to efforts made by Department of Forestry Professor Mei-Hui Chen and the NPUST Community Forestry Industry Center, a new visitor station has been established for visitors headed to the Eighteen Luohans Mountain Conservation Area. In January of 2017, the Community Forestry Industry Center at NPUST was commissioned by the Pingtung Forest Management Office to provide training to locals who would later take on the responsibilities of conservation and tour services at the Eighteen Luohans Mountain Conservation Area.

With Department of Civil Engineering Director Yu-Min Wang at the helm, the International Irrigation Research Center has been cooperating with the Council of Agriculture, the Pingtung Farmland Water Conservation Association, and the Society for SRI Conservation Agriculture and Environmental Studies to develop a high quality probiotic to use in a rice cultivation method that can reduce water usage by 15% and increase overall production value by 30%.

The NPUST Veterinary Transfusion Medicine Center (VTMC) and the National Veterinary Hospital (NVH) chain have joined forces in establishing the “Taichung Animal Blood Donation Station” in central Taiwan to help make things more convenient for pet owners in the area. On January 23rd at 10 AM a plaque unveiling ceremony was held at the National Veterinary Hospital in Taichung. In addition to NVH CEO Chen Tao Chieh and VTMC Director Tsai Yi Lun a number of other academic and industry representatives were present for the occasion. 

On November 16th at 9:00 the opening ceremony was held for the 9th Session of the Tropical Forestry Conference.
With the objective of encouraging micro woodworking workshops in Taiwan to invest in creative products and furniture design using local materials, the Forestry Bureau and the NPUST Department of Wood Science and Design jointly hosted the “Create Together Creative Camp”.
The College Violin Workshop, dubbed “NPUST Cremona”, is held each year by the Department of Wood Science and Deign. This year, the participating luthiers were called to use locally produced materials to “transform and transmit the essence of the Autumn Feast”.

This November, the College of Humanities and Social Sciences hosted the 2018 “Taiwan-Vietnam Early Childhood Education International Exchange Workshop”, bringing academic leaders in the field from both countries together to exchange ideas and promote new strategies for development. The opening ceremony for the workshop was held at 10:00 am on November 15th at the university’s General Education Building.

With new experiences and added interest in the topic of permeable pavement technology, on November 13th (2018) National Pingtung University of Science and Technology (NPUST) was exited to host the “International Conference on Permeable Pavement Engineering & Management” and bring together local and international scholars to share on the latest research in the field.

National Pingtung University of Science and Technology (NPUST) has pulled out all the stops in its internationalization efforts over the years and has seen continuous growth in its overseas enrollment as a result. This year, 750 students coming form 46 countries around the world are on the roster at the university and excited to be part of the international NPUST family.

Nauru Member of Parliament, Asterio Appi, has been awarded the MOE Study in Taiwan “Global Outstanding International Alumni of Taiwan Award”.
As a university which was established on agriculture, NPUST has been very fertile soil when it comes to the cultivation of agriculture technology professionals. And now, a new program oriented towards those who are farmers by trade, looks to put new tools in the hands of its students.
NPUST enjoys friendly relationships with the countries that fall under the umbrella of Taiwan’s New Southbound Policy. The university is also working to build strong relationships with Taiwanese businesses and local industries operating in these countries and provide them with substantive technological assistance.
On August 1st, Education Minister, Yeh Jiunn-rong, presented NPUST’s President Chang-Hsien Tai with a letter of re-appointment at the Ceremony for Outgoing, Incoming and Re-Appointed National University Presidents.
Each year, the Ministry of Education holds higher education exhibitions or forums abroad to promote the competitiveness of Taiwan’s top academic institutions and attract more students from overseas. This year, on August 24th, representatives from 27 of Taiwan’s universities made their way to Bangkok, Thailand to present themselves before thousands of potential students and strategic partners.
The Ali Tribe’s Homeyaya celebration was held with a fair on August 15th and they invited the Jilu Tribe, which also had to relocate their village as a result of the Morakot, to join them for the festivities making it clear that even though they have moved their homes, they have not forgotten their ties to their native villages.
As part of the effort to keep in step with the automation and smart technology associated with “industry 4.0” and train students in production automation and computer assisted design