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After kicking off in Taipei on November 6th, the third day of “2017 Forum for Adventure-Physical Education in Taiwan and New Southern Nations” was hosted on the NPUST campus.
On November 23rd, the Directorate General of Highways and the Pingtung County Government accompanied Pingtung Bus and NPUST at the opening ceremony for the “Demand Response Transportation System” (DRTS). This will be the first time nationwide for DRTS services to be offered within university campus grounds and will include Taiwan’s first-ever APP reservation and “late bird reservation” services.
Taiwan Representatives’ Office in India Calls on NPUST to Prepare Banquet Dinner

Associate Professor Wen-Tung Chen of the Department of Hotel and Restaurant Management received a special invitation from the Taipei Economic and Cultural Center in India to form a culinary team which would be responsible for preparing food for an official banquet in India in celebration of Taiwan’s National Day.

NPUST and the University of Arizona work together to develop intelligent technical agriculture

At 10:30 am on 21st of September this year, NPUST signed up the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the University of Arizona (UA) in the meeting room CE401 of the College of Engineering.

Cooperating with KLK International on International Talent Cultivation

The results from the Agriculture Production 4.0 project promoted by NPUST have been excellent with wide-ranging interdisciplinary research that has attracted the attention of Malaysia’s KLK International Sdn. Bhd. As a result, the two parties agreed to join forces, putting ink to an industry-academia strategic alliance agreement on July 20th (2017). 

Creating a Southbound Policy Fount of Learning Founded on Taiwan-Thailand Higher Education Cooperation

The Taiwan-Thailand Higher Education Forum is an important annual event jointly held by the two countries. Through the forum, both parties are able to add depth to their partnering relationship, help cultivate talent and exchange knowledge and technology. Coordinating with the Taiwan government’s New Southbound Policy, in the future, both parties will be encouraged to bolster academic exchange activity between universities and promote more industry-academia cooperative projects.

NPUST Signs MOU for Strategic Alliance on Animal Health

Over the long-term, NPUST has placed its focus on the development of animal immunization and animal health industry technologies, and the cultivation of professionals in the field. 

NPUST and Tatung Sign Strategic Alliance Agreement

As part of the NPUST Smart Agriculture initiative, the university is cooperating with Tatung on the development and application of greenhouse technology. The main objective of a newly inked alliance agreement is to apply temperature reducing technology, which was developed by Tatung, to the environmental control greenhouses built by NPUST to create a closed plant growth system with a simulated natural environmental. 

A Splash of Thai Culture at the Songkran Festival

On May 1st the Thai Student Association kicked off the annual Thai Culture and Songkran Festival to celebrate the Thai New Year, with this year’s celebrations scheduled over a two day period. In the Thai culture, water symbolizes purity, is the source of life and the spirit of all things. The tradition of splashing water signifies washing away the negative things from the past year, to start fresh in the New Year.


NPUST Represents Taiwan on Green University Steering Committee

NPUST has consistently seen excellent results on the Greenmetric World University Rankings one year after the next, and recently received further affirmation when it was asked by Universitas Indonesia to become a permanent member of the Green University Steering Committee. President Chang-Hsien Tai expressed deep gratitude for this honor and opportunity to continue to be an advocate for eco-friendly and sustainable practices. 

2017 Annual Indonesian Festival

 The event will include Indonesian traditional cuisine/ game/ dance performance and fashion show of traditional clothes. Besides, the student unions as Vietnamese, Thai, and Taiwanese will also bring some great shows.

Rector of Thailand’s RMUTR Visits to Renew MOU

On December 9th, the Rector of Thailand’s RMUTR, Asst. Prof. Siwa Wasuntarapiwat was accompanied by five other delegates, including Vice-Rector Asst. Prof Chulalak Paiboonfoongfueng, Assistant to Rector Dr. Pallsan Rojanapanich, Dean of the College of Architectural Design Mr. Saowanit Thongmee and foreign language experts Miss Chen Nai Hsin and Miss Nattanuch Jienpradith on a visit to the university. The main purpose for the trip was to renew an MOU on cooperation. 

Gadjah Mada University Representatives Tour NPUST

The Chairman of the Agricultural Mechanical Engineering Masters’ Program at Indonesia’s Gadjah Mada University, Prof. Dr. Sahid Susanto, was accompanied by Prof. Dr. Bambang Purwantana, Prof. Dr. Lilik Sutiarso, Dr. Adi Djoko Gurtino and Dr. Anggoro Cahyo Sukartiko on a visit to the university on December 7th. 

Malaysia’s Sarawak United Peoples' Party Explores Development Opportunities

The Director of the Youth Section of Malaysia’s Sarawak United Peoples' Party led a delegation of 13 members on a December 5th visit to the university. While at the university, the guests looked at potential industries of development and ways to promote agriculture policy with the state of Sarawak. 

Vietnamese Investment Committee Signs MoU with NPUST

Deputy Director Mr. Truong Manh Hung of an investment assistance and promotion committee from Quảng Ninh Province, Vietnam led a 20 member delegation on a visit to the university on December 1st. The purpose of the visit was centered on the signing of an MOU and the exploration of business development opportunities. 

Guests from Maejo University Tour Facilities

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Thep Phongparnich of Maejo University’s School of Administrative Studies led a delegation of 19 on a visit to the university on November 28th to take a tour of the facilities at the university, including the Sports Center and Dormitories.

Thailand’s KMUTT Prof. Hong-Ming Ku Visits

On November 11th, Prof. Hong-Ming Ku, Dr. Saranya Thonglek and Dr. Amornrat Wattanalamloet of Thailand’s King Mongkut's University of Technology Thonburi (KMUTT) visited the university. The main focus of the trip was to discuss a cooperative summer internship project.