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From October 12th to 15th (2020), the University of Indonesia “GreenMetric University Ranking Workshop” brought together members from around the world to discuss sustainability and the future of the organization.

Unlike in the past, this year’s annual workshop was not hosted on the campus of a member university – but went virtual instead. Over 600 members from 47 countries joined the grand online event, which was co-hosted by University of Zanjan.
On September 1st, a second online pre-conference meeting was held to continue with preparations for two important upcoming events set for the end of November: the International Sustainable Development Conference (ISDC 2020) and the signing ceremony for the landmark agreement to establish the International Education and Research Center (IERC). The two events will take place back-to-back at the NPUST Campus on Nov. 27~28 for those who can travel, and in the cyber-world for those who cannot.