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About Us


Office of International Affairs in NPUST was established in 2004 to facilitate international cooperation academic exchanges , and recruitment of foreign students. There are 84 foreign students coming from 28 countries currently studying in NPUST. Most of them are enrolled in the Department of Tropical Agriculture and International Cooperation (DTAIC) which has been collaborating with International Cooperation and Development Fund (ICDF).


Taiwan, to provide full scholarships and English programs to foreign students from countries that have a diplomatic relationship with Taiwan since 1998. Such cooperation promotes a better understanding between Taiwan and countries that are friendly to Taiwan and enhances our diplomatic ties with these countries.


To future enhance the internationalization of NPUST, the university also offers full scholarships to foreign students from countries that do not have a diplomatic relationship with Taiwan. Therefore, in addition to ICDF, foreign students who are interested in pursuing their degrees in NPUST can have financial aids from other sources, such as Taiwan scholarship (offered by the Ministry of Education, Taiwan) and NPUST scholarship. Office of International Affairs plays a pivotal role on the internationalization of this university, which is one of goals with top priority for NPUST.

Mission Statements

Division of International Cooperation

  • To promote international cooperation, and academic exchanges.
  • To support international cooperation, academic exchanges and international cooperation projects within NPUST.
  • To maintain good relationships between NPUST and our sister universities.

Division of International Students

To help international students with their life in Taiwan and NPUST (including admission information, academic, and psychological counseling)