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To prevent the New Corona Virus 2019 Pneumonia originated in China

In order to prevent the New Corona Virus 2019 Pneumonia originated in China, we advise all students especially to go to hospital, wear own mask all the time, and change mask everyday.

If going out to crowded or poorly ventilated places:
*Please wear mask when coughing
*Please use soap to wash hands frequently
* Avoid going to traditional market or hospital and any public places
* Avoid contact with wild animals and birds

Upon returning back to Taiwan、if you have a fever, cough, or other discomfort, please notify the airport quarantine personnel; If you have any suspicious symptoms within 14 days upon entering the country, you can call the toll-free Disease Prevention Line 1922 and MOL 1955 hotline to assist in reporting.

Or inform the Health Center of NPUST (IH Building, 1st floor).






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