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The visitation of International Development and Cooperation Press Group

Date: 2019/5/21 

Visit Objectives: Agricultural Technical Cooperation and communicate with the foreign students




Mr. Ongerung Kambes Kesolei

Editor, Tia Belau 

Mr. Taremon Bitaki

Anchor, Broadcasting and Publications Authority

Ms. Shanella Demingauwe

Journalist, MWINENKO

Ms. Desmarie Greenaway

Senior Journalist, The News 

Ms. Jacinta Lorene Hyde

Manager, Amandala

Mr. Joel Alfred Samuel Lamani

Manager, Solomon Star

Ms. Kelly T. lorennij

Journalist, The Marshall Islands Journal

Ms. Chaira Flanders

Anchor & Journalist, ZIZ National Broadcasting Corporation of St. Kitts & Nevis

Mrs. Claudia MC Dowell

Assistant Editor & Journalist, The Star

Ms. Qondile Baphetsile Shongwe

Journalist, SwaziObserver

Chi-Chang Lu

Secretary, Foreign Media Services Section, Department of International Information Services, MOFA, Taiwan


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