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Students Dormitory – In NPUST, female and male is living separately. There are 3 dormitories for male, 5 dormitories for female, total in 8 dormitories on-campus.

      A. Male dormitory – Ren-dorm, Shi-dorm, De-dorm.

      B. Female dormitory - Zhi-dorm, Xin-dorm, Yong-dorm, Cheng-dorm, and Hui-dorm.


Each dormitory is designed as an air-conditioned suite with modern facilities to lodge 2-4 students, and common area equipped with TV cables system, tables and chairs. Each floor have equipped drinking water machine, laundry machine. Kindly remind that every laundry machine may need for NTD$10 to do laundry.

If you want to rent a room outside of the campus, you can visit http://housing.nfu.edu.tw/?school=NPUST (Chinese only) for more information. In order to secure your safety and rights in housing, please rent houses with fire-extinguisher and supervisory system. 

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