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Nepali International Culture Festival

With 700 international students from 46 countries on the rosters, students at NPUST often find themselves with new opportunities to enjoy diverse cultural activities hosted on the university campus. Once such activity, which took place on December 13th (‘19), was the Nepali International Festival— an event organized by a group of students from Nepal who wanted to present their teachers and fellow students with some of the rich cultural attributes of their home country.

The 35 members strong Nepali Student Association coordinated with the university to host the festival, which was held on the front square of the IH Building. The African, Vietnamese, and Indonesian student associations were also invited to take part in the festivities and contribute to the fun and games.

The activity was a great opportunity for local and international students to interact with one another and experience different cultures. Visitors enjoyed Nepali cuisine and traditional folk dance performances while also meeting new people and making new friends from around the world.

The warm interaction afforded by such activities helps international students get further integrated with local students and reduces some of the homesickness that some can experience while away from home for extended periods of time. For local students, some of whom may have aspirations to travel abroad to start businesses in the future, the international activities also give them opportunities to make new contacts and learn new things about the different countries they may be cooperating with in the future.
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