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2020 NPUST Newsletter [ 2020-11-26 ]
From October 12th to 15th (2020), the University of Indonesia “GreenMetric University Ranking Workshop” brought together members from around the world to discuss sustainability and the future of the organization.

Unlike in the past, this year’s annual workshop was not hosted on the campus of a member university – but went virtual instead. Over 600 members from 47 countries joined the grand online event, which was co-hosted by University of Zanjan.
On September 1st, a second online pre-conference meeting was held to continue with preparations for two important upcoming events set for the end of November: the International Sustainable Development Conference (ISDC 2020) and the signing ceremony for the landmark agreement to establish the International Education and Research Center (IERC). The two events will take place back-to-back at the NPUST Campus on Nov. 27~28 for those who can travel, and in the cyber-world for those who cannot.
The fourth edition of the Hunt Taiwan series brought together a group of 32 students to explore the concept of “placemaking” (aka, “local revitalization”).

The international assembly consisted of students from Taiwan, Malaysia, Myanmar, Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia, India and Mongolia— all of whom were ready get a glimpse of some of the ideas that are currently moving forward placemaking trends in Taiwan.
NPUST students from Vietnam, Indonesia, India, Malaysia, Pakistan and Guatemala boarded a bus on July 24th for the third round in the Hunt Taiwan series—destination: Kenting!

Travelling south, the students took in the beautiful ocean-side landscape of the Pingtung Peninsula as they made their way to the Kenting National Forest Recreation Area, the first destination of the day.
With the begging of school approaching and summer coming to a close, on August 20th the Hunt Taiwan series also neared completion with its second-to-last activity—the Minnan and Hakka cultural tour. Students from Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, Malaysia and England signed up for the outing, which took them to the nearby scenic and culturally-rich areas of Meinong, Qishan and Tianliao.
For part six of the Hunt Taiwan series, 36 of NPUST’s international students went together to witness some of the magnificent equipment that was used to defend the freedom of the Republic in generations past. Embarking for the day, the course was set first for Tainan where the students from Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, Solomon Islands, Malawi, Palau, and Mongolia got an inside-look at one of Taiwan’s retired navy destroyers.
Brought to the students of NPUST by the Office of International Affairs, the “Hunt Taiwan” summer spectacular has already concluded its fifth event – “The Extreme Challenge”. For this activity students from Malaysia, Vietnam, Indonesia, Hong Kong, Macau, Thailand, and Taiwan were sent off to an eco-farm in Chiayi to take part in a series of outdoor adventures.
The first International Sustainable Development Conference (ISDC 2020) will be held at National Pingtung University of Science and Technology (NPUST) from November 27 to 28, 2020. Sustainable development is a topic which NPUST has given much focus to over the years, with the results of its efforts made evident by certain important indicators. For instance, each year for the past six years, NPUST has ranked first in Taiwan on the UI GreenMetric Ranking. The same assessment placed the university sixth in all of Asia last year; while its personal best was achieved in 2014, when it ranked 3rd in the continent.
In an active effort to promote international exchange and cooperation, on December 13th, 2012, National Pingtung University of Science and Technology (NPUST) brought together presidents of universities throughout Southeast Asia for a meeting that resulted in the joint launching of the University Network of Tropical Agriculture (UNTA). This year, faced with Covid travel restrictions, NPUST, the network’s permanent secretary, hosted an online conference to enabled important exchange and fruitful dialogue between UNTA members.
For the second installment of the Hunt Taiwan summer series, 40 of NPUST’s international students ventured north to visit the Hakka Village in Miaoli, the old market street of Lukang, and the “Experience Hakka” village in Dongshi, Taichung.
With considerable difficulties stemming from the global Covid-19 outbreak, NPUST’s Office of International Affairs has been encouraging the university’s 600+ overseas students to stay in Taiwan over the summer break and enjoy time their time spent on the island. To give the students an eventful and memorable summer, a series of activities have been planned to take place over the next few months.
For several years now, National Pingtung University of Science and Technology (NPUST) has been making use of its expertise in tropical agriculture to pursue the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals— and based on its solid agriculture science and technology foundation, the university has been coordinating with its various departments, including Agriculture, Biomechatronics, Vehicle Engineering, Information Management, Wood Science, Wildlife Conservation, and Agricultural Industry Management to jointly pursue eco-friendly cultivation, biodiversity and circular economies.
In 2012, NPUST began taking part in the Universitas Indonesia(UI) UI GreenMetric World University Ranking and by 2014 it began a six year winning streak, coming first in Taiwan every following year. As part of its commitment to the Green University project, in 2019, NPUST President Chang-Hsien Tai and Office of International Affairs Dean Pomin Li made arrangments to travel in person to Ireland to take part in the 5th International Workshop on UI GreenMetric World University Rankings (IWGM).
With countries around the world in lock-down mode on account of the epidemic, National Pingtung University of Science and Technology (NPUST) has taken student recruitment activities to cyberspace for a “first-of-a-kind” event.
Currently, with 622 international students from 43 different countries calling NPUST “home”, the university’s Office of International Affairs (OIA) is always looking to create new opportunities for students from abroad to interact and develop closer relationships with locals.
On February 25, Cheers magazine presented the results of the 2020 “Top 20 University Performance Growth Evaluation” and NPUST came 19th, nation-wide. A total of 148 university presidents across the country were invited to be part of the survey, with 129 accepting the call.
International and local students were recently given the opportunity to bolster their language skills, build relationships with new people and broaden their knowledge on Taiwan’s rich cultural heritage through the “Your Tracks in Taiwan: Explore Tainan City” interactive activity.
With 700 international students from 46 countries on the rosters, students at NPUST often find themselves with new opportunities to enjoy diverse cultural activities hosted on the university campus. Once such activity, which took place on December 13th (‘19), was the Nepali International Festival— an event organized by a group of students from Nepal who wanted to present their teachers and fellow students with some of the rich cultural attributes of their home country.
On January 13th, as noon approached, a rare sight certain to invite one’s curiosity could be witnessed on campus, as a large number of international students gathered together on the side of the road, all dressed in red. Lunar New Year was nigh, and for locals in Taiwan, many preparations had already begun. But, just before everyone took off for the winter holidays, NPUST and Office of International Affairs (OIA) staff kept with tradition by putting on a festive New Year banquette for its international students to enjoy.