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Safety Announcement for International Students’ Summer Activities

    Due to the impacts of Covid-19, many international students at NPUST are choosing to remain in Taiwan over the summer break. On such a rare occasion, everyone is very excited about taking the opportunity to experience the beauty of Taiwan.

    In order to protect the health and safety of international students, today (7/15) the NPUST Office of International Affairs is issuing a “Safety Announcement for Student’s Summer Activities”. The announcement is based on the Ministry of Education’s “safety precautions for student activities during the 2020 summer break”. The announcement strongly emphasizes the four following items:

  • Indoor Activity Safety: When taking part in indoor activities, students must be familiar with escape routes and safety equipment.
  • Outdoor Activity Safety: Strictly follow the “4-Don’ts Principle”: Don’t overexert yourself; Don’t go into dangerous waters; Don’t go out in bad weather; Don’t take cover from the rain in buildings that don’t have lightning protection.
  • Traffic Safety: Wear helmets when riding on scooters and follow all the traffic rules. Slow down and don’t drink and drive, don’t drive when tired, and don’t drive recklessly.
  • Safety Where You Live: If you use cooking equipment with gas, make sure that the room has good air circulation. Always be careful when using fire.

    Most important of all: In case of emergency, immediately call 110, 119 or the NPUST Security Center hotline (0921-547119) for professional assistance.

    This is not only a reminder for international students. We also would like to remind all students and faculty members: when taking part in Taiwan’s epidemic prevention activities and travelling around Taiwan during the summer break, protect your personal safety and take care of yourself, so that you can have a great time over the summer holiday!


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