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2020 Hunt Taiwan Activity 5 Leads to “Extreme Challenge”

Brought to the students of NPUST by the Office of International Affairs, the “Hunt Taiwan” summer spectacular has already concluded its fifth event – “The Extreme Challenge”. For this activity students from Malaysia, Vietnam, Indonesia, Hong Kong, Macau, Thailand, and Taiwan were sent off to an eco-farm in Chiayi to take part in a series of outdoor adventures.

The first mission, if students chose to accept, was the “paintball battle”. Divided into four teams, the students underwent training and learned about the safety protocols before strapping on their equipment and battling it out in the hot sun. It was an absolute blast!

The second assignment was the tight-rope walk. For this, the students had a chance to enjoy the stimulating feeling of being suspended high up off the ground as they did a round-trip balancing act across the high-wire.

The third challenge was rock climbing. Though at first the wall didn’t appear too daunting, once the students started to meticulously inch their ways up, they realized how much attention they needed to give to hand and foot position— and center of gravity—to reach the top without falling.

The final trial was “repelling”. Perched high on the ledge, the students were instructed on how to use their ropes to quickly glide from one landing to the next as they quickly descended down the face of the wall – often times with more than a few screams on the way.

Not only did the Extreme Challenge turn out to be a great deal of fun, but it also was an opportunity to get in some outdoor physical activity in and pick up some new knowledge and skills. Students had a great time bonding with one another and returned to campus with lots of good memories and many stories to share.
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